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The walking dead are alive on these Zombie T Shirt designs.
We’ve hand picked our favorite zombie shirts!

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Featured Zombie Tshirts:

Look at Me (aka Gus) Super detailed illustration t-shirt of the once mighty Pollo Hermano himself, Gus! With all other elements removed and this hyper detailed look of the aftermath, this t-shirt will blow everyone's mind who sees it. Stunning extremely detailed illustration t-shirt with almost zombie like appeal.

Look at Me (aka Gus) Shirt

Zombie Frenzy, the ultimate zombie tee. This is a HUGE print stretching right across the tee. Zombie spits blood and you will too if you miss out on this awesome graphic tee. Amazing line work and cool colors this zombie T-shirt will scare the eep out of all that see it. The apocalypse is here, enjoy!

Zombie Frenzy Shirt

Doctor Who's ginormous villain comes to life!

Weeping Liberty Shirt

Walker's Dead This walker is dead...

Walker’s Dead Shirt

Cool Skull II

Zombie Skull Illustration Shirt

Somewhere in the the world right now a Zombie is tasting brains for the first time. Ughh, Brains... Braaaaaiiiinnns!!! "Z is for Zombie". This artwork of the Zed kind is a beautiful merger of subtle graphic design with a 1960's comic book style.

Z is for Zombie Shirt

Dawn of the Meth Shirt BB meets Dawn of the Dead!

Dawn of the Meth Shirt

Zombie Marilyn Shirt The Undead Marilyn Monroe.

Zombie Marilyn Shirt

Michonne Zombie Shirt Tribute to a badass character of The Walking Dead.

Michonne Zombie Shirt

Bird Attack Zombie Shirt Alfred Hitchcock

Bird Attack Zombie Shirt

Brainz Zquazh Shirt Magenta + Brains = Zombie so what's holding you up zombie lovers?

Brainz Zquazh Shirt

Betcha didn't know that Barack Obama had a twin zombie brother who was also running for president a few years ago, didya? Alas, his platform was far too simple, and his rallying cry of "Brains..." lost to Barack's more popular and inspiring "Hope". What's a zombie to do?


Oh...I'm trapped. zombie, people, horror, monsters, characters

Trapped by Zombies Shirt

Zombie Lion II Shirt It's our second round of this T Shirt Design. Zombie Lion II is coming out fierce and downright zombie. This is a graphic tee that will likely turn heads. Blood, nature and zombies meet up in one crazy piece of art, which is now available on this epic T Shirt. This is a zombie shirt, which we offer in many colors, so choose your favorite today!

Zombie Lion II Shirt

Live Long and Brains  If only he realized that a red shirt ensign, with an infected looking bite mark, coming back to the ship after an away mission wasn't a good thing.

Live Long and Brains Shirt

I was zombie before it cool Shirt zombie,monster,character,people,skull,horror,cool

I was zombie before it cool Shirt

Zombeat Shirt Play the dead song

Zombeat Shirt

this zombie is cool, he keeping his cool for along time. he not eat brain but he drink brain... he make brain juice, brain juice is available at zone 163, even world war zombies is coming he still cool... don't be afraid humans!! he's very warm

zombiester Shirt

Dead Holiday Shirt This poor guys just want to have a vacation, but he gets more than that.

Dead Holiday Shirt

The Pirate Shirt Have no Fear the ship Pirate is here.

The Pirate Shirt

Superman Zombie Shirt. One fast zombie, at least

Super Zombie Shirt

chemistry still between us, around us

the chemistry between us chapter 2 Shirt

ndead cowboy represented as an old whiskey label.

Outlaw Zombie Shirt

When riding into battle against the empire only the most deadly rebels will raise the day. Straight from the rebel alliance comes the gritty badge of the rebel rider. So whether on a battleship, star destroyer, x-wing, tie-fighter, taun taun, speeder, or the death star always fight the good fight!

Rebel Rider Zombie Shirt

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