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Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point. As an irrational and transcendental number, it will continue infinitely without repetition or pattern. While only a handful of digits are needed for typical calculations, Pi’s infinite nature makes it a fun challenge to memorize, and to computationally calculate more and more digits.

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Delicious T ShirtDelicious T Shirt

I Ate Some Pie And It Was Delicious TeesI Ate Some Pie And It Was Delicious Tees

Pi Number Drawing TeesPi Number Drawing Tees

I heart Pi Day - Pi Apparel Gift T ShirtI heart Pi Day – Pi Apparel Gift T Shirt

Spring Pi - Flowery Colorful Pi Day Gifts T-shirtSpring Pi – Flowery Colorful Pi Day Gifts T-shirt

Cute Happy Pi Day - Pi Clothing Gift TshirtsCute Happy Pi Day – Pi Clothing Gift Tshirts

Pi Number Drawing ShirtPi Number Drawing Shirt

apple pi shirtsapple pi shirts

Pi Day Pirates - 3.14% of Sailors are PIrates! TshirtsPi Day Pirates – 3.14% of Sailors are PIrates! Tshirts

be rational! get real! t-shirtbe rational! get real! t-shirt

Inspire Math Geek T-shirtInspire Math Geek T-shirt

Pi fractal numbers tee shirtPi fractal numbers tee shirt

Come To The Nerd Side We Have Pi TshirtCome To The Nerd Side We Have Pi Tshirt

At Pi Sign, Spiral Version ShirtAt Pi Sign, Spiral Version Shirt

Pi rate Pirate Pi Day Shirts and GiftsPi rate Pirate Pi Day Shirts and Gifts

We have Pi Tee ShirtsWe have Pi Tee Shirts

Pi in the Sky Tee ShirtsPi in the Sky Tee Shirts

Pi (π) Day Tee ShirtsPi (π) Day Tee Shirts

Be Rational, Get Real! Tee ShirtBe Rational, Get Real! Tee Shirt

Awesome Pi Symbol T ShirtsAwesome Pi Symbol T Shirts

Moustache you a question, Any more Pi T ShirtsMoustache you a question, Any more Pi T Shirts

mu-tant cow pi tee shirtmu-tant cow pi tee shirt

Pizza Volume Mathematical Formula = Pi*z*z*a Tee ShirtsPizza Volume Mathematical Formula = Pi*z*z*a Tee Shirts

Pi Day Chocolate Pi ShirtPi Day Chocolate Pi Shirt

Apple Pi, Apple Pie T ShirtApple Pi, Apple Pie T Shirt

Pi Rate White TshirtsPi Rate White Tshirts

Pi-Rate ShirtPi-Rate Shirt

apple pi t shirtapple pi t shirt

Vampire Math Geek T-shirtVampire Math Geek T-shirt

Pi a la mode tshirtsPi a la mode tshirts

Peace, Love, Pi Tee ShirtPeace, Love, Pi Tee Shirt

T-Shirt, Chicken Pot Pi 2T-Shirt, Chicken Pot Pi 2

Pi Number Design TeesPi Number Design Tees

Cutie Pi Geek Girl T-shirtCutie Pi Geek Girl T-shirt

Math Chick Layered ShirtMath Chick Layered Shirt

American Pi T ShirtAmerican Pi T Shirt

“PIE HOLE” shirt – choose style & color

Pi Day womens funny T ShirtPi Day womens funny T Shirt

Pi Number Humor T-shirtPi Number Humor T-shirt

Absolutely EPIC Pi V1 T ShirtsAbsolutely EPIC Pi V1 T Shirts

Funny I heart Pi - 3.14 x more than u T-shirtFunny I heart Pi – 3.14 x more than u T-shirt

Happy Pi Day TeesHappy Pi Day Tees

Pi rate t shirtsPi rate t shirts

Funny Pi T-shirtFunny Pi T-shirt

Pi Chick or Math Chick ShirtsPi Chick or Math Chick Shirts

Mathletic Department T-shirtsMathletic Department T-shirts

Property of Pi University T-shirtProperty of Pi University T-shirt

Easy as Pie TshirtEasy as Pie Tshirt

Mathlete T-shirtMathlete T-shirt

Pi Symbol Irrational Behavior Ladie's T shirtPi Symbol Irrational Behavior Ladie’s T shirt

Peace Love Pi T-shirtPeace Love Pi T-shirt

3.14 = Pie Spelled Backwards Tees3.14 = Pie Spelled Backwards Tees

Pi Stripes T ShirtPi Stripes T Shirt

Pi Day 2015 Tee ShirtsPi Day 2015 Tee Shirts

Pi Math Pimp 3.14 TeesPi Math Pimp 3.14 Tees

Keep Calm and Eat Pi TshirtsKeep Calm and Eat Pi Tshirts

Keep Calm and Eat Pi Tee ShirtKeep Calm and Eat Pi Tee Shirt

I Heart (LoVe) Pi T ShirtsI Heart (LoVe) Pi T Shirts

I love math Pi T-shirtsI love math Pi T-shirts

Keep calm it's only Pi TshirtsKeep calm it’s only Pi Tshirts

Pi red hearts tshirtPi red hearts tshirt

Pi devil tee shirtsPi devil tee shirts


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