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About Hand Critters:We are fun hand shaped animals and critters. We are available on t-shirts, mugs, cards & other gifts. Although most of us are animals, there are also mythical creatures, like a unicorn, and even humans, like a ninja, a princess and a pirate made of the drawing of a hand. If you are looking for gifts for you, your family or your friends, the Hand Critter gift store is a good place to find them.

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Aye Ahoy Matey Pirate ShirtsAye Ahoy Matey Pirate Shirts

Peace in Arabic and Hebrew t-shirtPeace in Arabic and Hebrew t-shirt

Real Ninja t-shirtReal Ninja t-shirt

Hippo t-shirtHippo t-shirt

Steampunk Robot Shark 3000 t-shirtSteampunk Robot Shark 3000 t-shirt

Surprised Baby Clown Fish ShirtsSurprised Baby Clown Fish Shirts

Chihuahua t-shirtChihuahua t-shirt

Emotional Vampire TeesEmotional Vampire Tees

Gnu baby t-shirt bodysuitGnu baby t-shirt bodysuit

Princess t-shirt:Princess t-shirt:

Clown T-shirtClown T-shirt

Squirrel TeethSquirrel Teeth

Emotional Vampire TshirtsEmotional Vampire Tshirts

Gnu t-shirtGnu t-shirt

Raccoon t-shirtRaccoon t-shirt

Cupid Cupig t-shirtCupid Cupig t-shirt

Happy Smile Whale Tee ShirtHappy Smile Whale Tee Shirt

Owl baby t-shirt bodysuitOwl baby t-shirt bodysuit

Happy Smile Whale T-shirtsHappy Smile Whale T-shirts

Death t-shirtDeath t-shirt

Jack O Lantern t-shirtJack O Lantern t-shirt

Impala t-shirtImpala t-shirt

Princess T-shirtPrincess T-shirt

Gnu t-shirtGnu t-shirt

Jack O Lantern t-shirtJack O Lantern t-shirt

Death T-ShirtDeath T-Shirt

Schnauzer t-shirtSchnauzer t-shirt

Hedgehog t-shirtHedgehog t-shirt

Demon t-shirtDemon t-shirt

Raccoon baby t-shirt bodysuitRaccoon baby t-shirt bodysuit

Red Panda t-shirtRed Panda t-shirt

Yorkshire Terrier t-shirtYorkshire Terrier t-shirt

Owl t-shirtOwl t-shirt

Cardinal t-shirtCardinal t-shirt

Clown Fish t-shirtClown Fish t-shirt

Monster t-shirtMonster t-shirt

Koala T-ShirtKoala T-Shirt

Colorful zebra stripes shirtColorful zebra stripes shirt

Death baby t-shirt bodysuitDeath baby t-shirt bodysuit

Elephant t-shirtElephant t-shirt

Hedgehog t-shirtHedgehog t-shirt

Puffer Fish Tee ShirtsPuffer Fish Tee Shirts

Dogs t-shirtDogs t-shirt

Big Great Horned Owl T ShirtBig Great Horned Owl T Shirt

Open Mouth Shark TshirtOpen Mouth Shark Tshirt

Little Red Riding Hood t-shirtLittle Red Riding Hood t-shirt

Lion t-shirtLion t-shirt

Boxer t-shirtBoxer t-shirt

Sunny Weekend T ShirtSunny Weekend T Shirt

Beagle t-shirtBeagle t-shirt

Clown t-shirtClown t-shirt

Deer baby t-shirt bodysuitDeer baby t-shirt bodysuit

Owl t-shirtOwl t-shirt

Snowman t-shirtSnowman t-shirt

Halloween Jack t-shirtHalloween Jack t-shirt

Jellyfish Stings Tee ShirtsJellyfish Stings Tee Shirts

Frankenstein t-shirtFrankenstein t-shirt

Tiger T-shirtTiger T-shirt

Emotional Vampire T ShirtEmotional Vampire T Shirt

Pig Cupid Cupig t-shirtPig Cupid Cupig t-shirt

Koala T-ShirtKoala T-Shirt

Ladybug t-shirtLadybug t-shirt

Black Cat t-shirtBlack Cat t-shirt

Jaguar t-shirtJaguar t-shirt

Next Full Moon T-shirtNext Full Moon T-shirt

Gull baby t-shirt bodysuitGull baby t-shirt bodysuit

Squirrel TeethSquirrel Teeth

Squirrel TeethSquirrel Teeth

Ringtail t-shirtRingtail t-shirt

Lion t-shirtLion t-shirt

Raccoon T-shirtRaccoon T-shirt

Chihuahua t-shirtChihuahua t-shirt

Beagle t-shirtBeagle t-shirt

Peace in German t-shirtPeace in German t-shirt

Pirate t-shirtPirate t-shirt

Leprechaun t-shirtLeprechaun t-shirt

Pig t-shirtPig t-shirt

Sunny Weekend T ShirtsSunny Weekend T Shirts

Fox T-ShirtFox T-Shirt

Bee t-shirtBee t-shirt

Ladybug baby t-shirt bodysuitLadybug baby t-shirt bodysuit

Peace in English t-shirtPeace in English t-shirt

Deer t-shirtDeer t-shirt

Peace in Spanish t-shirtPeace in Spanish t-shirt

Cute Puffer Fish ShirtsCute Puffer Fish Shirts

Rainbow Rooster with Red Comb T-shirtRainbow Rooster with Red Comb T-shirt

Open Mouth Shark ShirtOpen Mouth Shark Shirt

Mini Walrus Tee ShirtsMini Walrus Tee Shirts

Fox t-shirtFox t-shirt

Pumpkin t-shirtPumpkin t-shirt

Gull t-shirt:Gull t-shirt:

I am not Mad Cow ShirtI am not Mad Cow Shirt

Barking Red Fox T-shirtsBarking Red Fox T-shirts

Jaguar baby t-shirt bodysuitJaguar baby t-shirt bodysuit

Tiger t-shirtTiger t-shirt

Next Full Moon TshirtNext Full Moon Tshirt

Peace in French t-shirtPeace in French t-shirt

Peace in Gernan t-shirtPeace in Gernan t-shirt

Angel with Open Mouth T ShirtsAngel with Open Mouth T Shirts

Mouse t-shirtMouse t-shirt

Pumpkin t-shirtPumpkin t-shirt

Drama Emotional Vampire Hand T ShirtsDrama Emotional Vampire Hand T Shirts

Skull Pink Hand ShirtSkull Pink Hand Shirt

Young Frankenstein T ShirtYoung Frankenstein T Shirt

Zombie Bee Zombee T ShirtsZombie Bee Zombee T Shirts

Sun Strong T ShirtSun Strong T Shirt

Good Beagle T ShirtsGood Beagle T Shirts

Peace White Dove with Olive Branch T-shirtPeace White Dove with Olive Branch T-shirt

Cute Puffer Fish ShirtsCute Puffer Fish Shirts

Shark mouth teesShark mouth tees

Peace in Japanese t-shirtPeace in Japanese t-shirt


(See all Hand Critters Shirts Here) – (See all Hand Critters Gift Merchandise Here)


You are currently browsing through the Hand Critters apparel section, where you can find many styles, colors, and sizes of apparel available for customization or ready to buy as is. Most Zazzle custom apparel ships within 24 hours of ordering. Some of the popular apparel styles offered on Zazzle are t-shirts and hoodies. There’s no minimum order for clothing, so get your one-of-a-kind apparel today! Add your own images and text for free! To browse other related products, check out the main Hand Critters Gift page.

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