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Idiom is an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements, askick the bucket orhang one’s head”,  or from the general grammatical rules of a language, as the table round  for the round table,  and that is not a constituent of a larger expression of like characteristics.


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I'm All Ears (Dark) T-ShirtI’m All Ears (Dark) T-Shirt

Piece of Cake TeesPiece of Cake Tees

Wolf in sheep's clothing t shirtWolf in sheep’s clothing t shirt

No Room to Swing a Cat Tee ShirtNo Room to Swing a Cat Tee Shirt

Archaeologist Grave Tee ShirtArchaeologist Grave Tee Shirt

It's the Thought That Counts TshirtIt’s the Thought That Counts Tshirt

Self Reflection ShirtSelf Reflection Shirt

Cool as a Cucumber T-shirtsCool as a Cucumber T-shirts

Game Recognize Game HoodiesGame Recognize Game Hoodies

Thanks for watching my back tshirtThanks for watching my back tshirt

It's All Keachy Peen T-ShirtIt’s All Keachy Peen T-Shirt

Steel TrapSteel Trap

Egg Head T ShirtEgg Head T Shirt

Kendo Idioms One to Ten T ShirtKendo Idioms One to Ten T Shirt

“An Apple a Day” T-Shirt

i love idioms tee shirti love idioms tee shirt

Smells Like a Graveyard T-shirtsSmells Like a Graveyard T-shirts

Out of the blue teesOut of the blue tees

“Me in a Nutshell” Shirt (Dark)

Idiomology Obsessed T ShirtIdiomology Obsessed T Shirt

Back to Square One T-shirtsBack to Square One T-shirts

Get Over It TeesGet Over It Tees

Idiomology Obsessed W Tee ShirtIdiomology Obsessed W Tee Shirt

Not So Much T-shirtNot So Much T-shirt

Swedish Idiom: Owls in the Moss (single) Tee ShirtsSwedish Idiom: Owls in the Moss (single) Tee Shirts

Narrow Minded T-shirtNarrow Minded T-shirt

Brain Child Tee ShirtBrain Child Tee Shirt

Peace of Mind ShirtPeace of Mind Shirt

Blah Blah Blah Dark TshirtBlah Blah Blah Dark Tshirt

Measure Twice Cut Once ShirtMeasure Twice Cut Once Shirt

A Head Full Of Bees T-shirtA Head Full Of Bees T-shirt

The Grass is Greener this side cause I made it so! T ShirtThe Grass is Greener this side cause I made it so! T Shirt

A Penny Saved...T-Shirt, w/ verseA Penny Saved…T-Shirt, w/ verse

Onwards & Upwards ShirtOnwards & Upwards Shirt

On the Fence T ShirtsOn the Fence T Shirts

Cute and Funny Cake Life Quote T-shirtCute and Funny Cake Life Quote T-shirt

Take a shot at love, Cute Camera Doodle in Black Tee ShirtTake a shot at love, Cute Camera Doodle in Black Tee Shirt

Apple of My Eye T-shirtApple of My Eye T-shirt

Cat Got Your Tongue? ShirtsCat Got Your Tongue? Shirts

Half  a  Mind Shirt Dark T-shirtHalf a Mind Shirt Dark T-shirt

Dog Days of Summer T-shirtsDog Days of Summer T-shirts

Beat it! T-ShirtBeat it! T-Shirt

Cool Beans Wordplay Parody T-ShirtCool Beans Wordplay Parody T-Shirt

Dropping Like Flies TeesDropping Like Flies Tees

Out on a Limb TshirtsOut on a Limb Tshirts

Cat Got Your Tongue? ShirtsCat Got Your Tongue? Shirts

Wait, What? TeesWait, What? Tees

Wait, What? T ShirtWait, What? T Shirt

I'm Dyeing Easter Egg Pun Cartoon ShirtsI’m Dyeing Easter Egg Pun Cartoon Shirts

Don't Beat Around The Bush TshirtsDon’t Beat Around The Bush Tshirts


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