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Updated Oct. 2019

I Love Chihuahuas and I own two so I can get a bit obsessed about them, especially when it comes to Chihuahua Shirts! I gathered the best of my favorite Chihuahua Shirts from a couple T-Shirt Sites that I love and affiliate from.  

Our Favorite Top Chihuahua Shirts from (See More Here!)

This Chihuahua Sailor Shirt was made using water soluble crayons, acrylic paint and love on salvaged cardboard. He already had a striped shirt, I added the sailor hat and the pipe in photoshop before painting it by hand.

Sailor Chihuahua

This Girl Loves Her Chihuahua Shirt

This Girl Loves Her Chihuahua

Crazy Chihuahua lady Shirt

Crazy Chihuahua lady

Crazy Chihuahua Lady Shirt

Crazy Chihuahua Lady

PP - Chiwaffwaff Chihuahua Shirt

PP – Chiwaffwaff

Chihuahua Crossbones ~ Hers Shirt

Chihuahua Crossbones ~ Hers

Longhaired Fawn/White Chihuahua Sit Pretty Shirt Original ink and pencil illustration by Andie of a fawn & white longhaired Chihuahua.

Longhaired Fawn/White Chihuahua Sit Pretty

Chihuahua Puahua! Shirt. The mighty little pooch, Chihuahua Power.

Chihuahua Puahua!

Long Haired Chihuahua :: It's All About Me Shirt. It’s all about the long haired Chihuahual! Original illustration by Andie of Off-Leash Art. Andie captures the unique characteristics of each dog breed using indian inks, art markers and colored pencils for a fun, whimsical look.

Long Haired Chihuahua :: It’s All About Me

Teacup Chihuahua Shirt

Teacup Chihuahua Shirt

Chihuahua Cupcake Shirt

Chihuahua Cupcake

Yogurt the Pirate dog Chihuahua Shirt

Yogurt the Pirate dog

Chi~Wawa Love Shirt

Chi~Wawa Love

Here are our top favorite Chihuahua Shirts from Zazzle (See More Here!)

Chihuahua ShirtChihuahua Shirt

I Love Chi Yum Yum Long Sleeve T-ShirtI Love Chi Yum Yum Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Chihuahuas RuleT-Shirt T-ShirtChihuahuas RuleT-Shirt T-Shirt

OCD - Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder T-ShirtOCD – Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder T-Shirt

Women's Tye Dye Chihuahua ShirtWomen’s Tye Dye Chihuahua Shirt

Chihuahua T-ShirtChihuahua T-Shirt

Love My Chihuahua T-ShirtLove My Chihuahua T-Shirt

Black And Gold Foil Chihuahua Tee ShirtBlack And Gold Foil Chihuahua Tee Shirt

Gold Foil Chihuahua Tee Shirt BlackGold Foil Chihuahua Tee Shirt Black

Chihuahua T-ShirtChihuahua T-Shirt

Chiuahua Revolution T-ShirtChiuahua Revolution T-Shirt

Love Chihuahua Puppy Dog Graphic T-ShirtLove Chihuahua Puppy Dog Graphic T-Shirt

Chihuahua Mom - Chihuahua Dog T-ShirtChihuahua Mom – Chihuahua Dog T-Shirt


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