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Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.
―Baymax introducing himself to his patient

Baymax is the deuteragonist of Disney’s 2014 animated feature film Big Hero 6. He is a healthcare robot and member of the superhero team of the same name. He is based on the Marvel character of the same name from the Marvel Comic Big Hero 6.

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Baymax T-Shirts Design bah la la la! Big Hero Six T-Shirt Pocket Baymax With Pocket Shading T-Shirt
Big Hero 6 T-Shirt BAT HERO 6 T-Shirt How to FISTBUMP! T-Shirt
Baybax T-Shirts  Design by mankeeboi Big balloon hero! Totoro's New Neighbors Shirts  Design by AndrewKwan Totoro, Baymax, Baby Groot. Big Hero 6 - Baymax and Hiro Shirts  Design by NinjaKlee Baymax was designed to care. Baymax and Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 © Disney
baymax stand Shirts  Design by corbinbacksunday baymax stand Free warm hugs from baymax TShirts  Design by BoggsNicolas who wouldn't want to be hugged by baymax?  Play football Shirt  Design by RosettaP Baymax o--o
Big Hero 6_color version T Shirts  Design by ArashiC Baymax, Hiro and Tadashi How to FISTBUMP Shirts  Design by soulful simple how to fist bump in baymax style Nurse Baymax Shirts Are You Satisfied With Your Care?  Design by Maxmanax
BAT HERO 6 Shirts  Design by FernandoSala The Bat robotic hero, has it come to Gotham City in his sweet appearance hides a robot pitilessly for the villains! ... Or not? ... ba la la la la Big Hero 6 - White icone Shirts  Design by KuroStars Baymax and Olaf Shirts  Design by Ztw1217 What a duo like Baymax and Olaf! Disney and Marvel combine into one great work of art for fans of both movies!

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Baymax Waving T-ShirtBaymax Waving T-Shirt

Baymax | Love T-ShirtBaymax | Love T-Shirt

Big Hero 6 | Baymax with Lollipop T-ShirtBig Hero 6 | Baymax with Lollipop T-Shirt

Baymax Standing T-ShirtBaymax Standing T-Shirt

Go Go Tomago Supercharged T-ShirtGo Go Tomago Supercharged T-Shirt

Baymax Seal T-ShirtBaymax Seal T-Shirt

Honey Lemon T-ShirtHoney Lemon T-Shirt

Baymax | Excuse Me T-ShirtBaymax | Excuse Me T-Shirt

Baymax Orange Super Suit T-ShirtBaymax Orange Super Suit T-Shirt

Baymax Sideways Sitting T-ShirtBaymax Sideways Sitting T-Shirt

Baymax | Power Up T-ShirtBaymax | Power Up T-Shirt

Baymax & Mochi | Supportive Type T-ShirtBaymax & Mochi | Supportive Type T-Shirt

Baymax and Hiro Fist Bump T-ShirtBaymax and Hiro Fist Bump T-Shirt

Mochi Laying on Baymax T-ShirtMochi Laying on Baymax T-Shirt

Big Hero 6 Superheros T-ShirtBig Hero 6 Superheros T-Shirt

Go Go Tomago Supercharged T-ShirtGo Go Tomago Supercharged T-Shirt

Baymax Emojicons T-ShirtBaymax Emojicons T-Shirt


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